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Ephraim Utah is located in Sanpete County, Utah.  It is the home of the Snow College Badgers.  In the 2020 census Ephraim’s population was 5,611.  Ephraim was first settled in 1854.  Ephraim is one of several cities that connects to the Great Western Trail on Skyline Drive.  Ephraim is home of the Annual Scandinavian Days Celebration.  The Ephraim area was settled by early Mormon Pioneers who immigrated from the Scandinavian Countries into this valley.  Many of today resident trace their roots to these original Scandinavian settlers who built their homes in Ephraim.


Ephraim-UT Concrete Core Drilling, TRS Concrete Core Drilling- A Family Owned Business

Ephraim-UT Concrete Core Drilling.  TRS Concrete Core Drilling is a Family Owned Business in Central Utah.  We have the tools and the experience to meet all of your drilling and coring needs in concrete, masonry, or other hard materials.  The owners of the company, do the actual work at your home or business, and know that our name and reputation is on every job that we do.  Whether you need one hole cored or one thousand, We can help you with your coring needs in Ephraim Utah.  Any size hole from 1/4″ to 14″ in diameter.  Fast Service, Professional, and very Affordable.


TRS Concrete Core Drilling-  We can core holes in concrete, rock, brick, block, stucco, and more

TRS Concrete Core Drilling can help you with all types of coring and drilling.  We can go through a wide variety of materials.  We can core reinforced concrete, cutting through rebar, metal ties, and corrugated decking with concrete.  All of these are no problem due to the diamond bits that we use for our coring.  We have a wide variety of tools that allows us to solve various challenges.  We use water to lubricate the bit and eliminate dust.  We are also able to do water extraction when water could damage nearby materials.  All types of rock and masonry can be cut: brick, block, stucco with metal lath, rock and similar materials. 


TRS Concrete Core Drilling- We support many of the building trades


Ephraim-Ut Concrete Core Drilling.  TRS Concrete Core Drilling provides holes to run all types of materials (pipes, conduit, vent pipes, Data Lines, stove pipe, etc.).  We do work for General Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC Contractors, IT Contractors, and more.  We also do work for Home Owners.  We can drills the holes through masonry materials so that you can complete your project with professional results.


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TRS Concrete Core Drilling can drill any size hole up to 14″ in Ephraim UT.

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