Concrete Core Drilling

Total Radon Solutions also provides concrete core drilling (including reinforced concrete).  We can provide holes in concrete for all of your utility needs (residential or commercial). Holes up to 14″ can be drilled for installation of electrical, data, plumbing, HVAC, Chimneys and flues, etc..  We can even drill on angles if needed.  Count on us for all of your concrete coring needs.

We have a suction plate which allows us to core your hole without having to add an additional hole to secure the drill stand in place.  This improves the quality and prevents damage to your wall or floor.  We can do any size hole that you need from 1/4″ up to 14″ in diameter.  We are able to core through rebar and other metal ties, leaving you a perfectly smooth hole for whatever you need to install.  

We also can do concrete and asphalt coring for quality assurance testing.

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Core Drilling up to 14″

Up to 14″ in diameter




Custom Concrete Drilling