Cedar Fort Utah is located in Utah County.  At the 2000 census, there were 341 people, 101 households, and 83 families in the town.  

The name Cedar Fort is a misnomer. The town was originally settled in 1852, when Brigham Young sent a few settlers to what is today the western edge of Utah county.  The original settlers  abandoned the area during the Walker War and moved to Lehi for safety, but returned in 1853, under the leadership of Bishop Allen Weeks, who served as the bishop of the area for twenty-three years.  

As a defense against Indians, the settlers built a picket fort, crafted from cedar trees.  At least, that was their initial assumption. The trees were actually junipers, though they smelled like cedar. To create a more permanent defense, the settlers began construction on a stone fort. It was never completed, though the ruins are still there.  

In one of several efforts to reduce the size of Utah county, Cedar Fort was designated as the county seat of Cedar County, which existed between 1856 and 1861, at which point it was reincorporated into Utah county. In 1858, when Johnston’s Army arrived in Utah, it initially encamped at Cedar Fort, later moving near Fairfield to establish Camp Floyd.


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